Gross Motor Developmental Delays

Gross motor developmental milestones include rolling, crawling, walking, running and jumping. A child that does not achieve the appropriate gross motor milestones for their age group may be considered to have delayed developmental milestones.

Reasons for delayed gross motor milestones in babies and children may include muscular weakness, abnormal muscular tone and limited or excessive joint range of motion. These underlying reasons may be brought on idiopathically or could find their origin from neurological, genetic or orthopedic conditions.

A physiotherapist can assess gross motor developmental delays in babies and young children and could help to identify the underlying reasons. The degree of gross motor developmental delays may vary from mild to severe and a physiotherapist will advise on a treatment plan in conjunction with the parents/guardians, as well as any other health care practitioners that are also involved in the child’s care.

If you are concerned about your baby or young child showing signs of delayed developmental milestones, don’t hesitate to contact your local paediatric specialist for a full assessment.