Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Pulmonary rehabilitation is one of the most effective treatments in COPD.

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a structured programme that aims to help individuals with chronic lung disease improve their fitness and physical activity, as well as take control of their condition and breathing. 

This is achieved through exercise programmes, designed to meet the individual’s need, and education sessions.

People who take part in a pulmonary rehabilitation programme report

  • an improved quality of life,
  • a greater sense of control over their breathing and condition,
  • improved exercise tolerance, physical ability and fitness
  • fewer hospital admissions due to exacerbations. 

Our programme is designed to help individuals achieve their full potential and have a greater sense of control.   Our programme runs over six weeks and it includes a thorough individual assessment, exercise and education sessions.  During the first session the individual together with the physiotherapist will established meaningful goals and setup a plan as to how to achieve these.  We recognise that to start off with, some individuals may only be able to exercise for a few minutes. This is not problem, it is a starting point instead and an important step in taking control of your COPD. Topics covered in the education sessions include smoking cessation, nutrition, airway clearance techniques, medications, stress management and breathing control. 

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